How to improve your personality?

Be a Good Listener: Being a good listener is must to improve your personality. When you listen to others you will get to know more about things around you and receive ideas from the different resources and happenings which will improve your overall skill. Discover your Interest: It is very important to know what you are interested in and work on it to get succeed. Discover your interest and passion

Tips on attending an Interview for Fresher

Know About your Company It is very important to know about your company that you are applying for. When you go for an interview, have a complete idea about the origin of the company, the year of establishment, its branches, revenue and research about the company as much as possible before you sit in an interview. Carry Updated Resume Always have your updated resume when you attend an interview. You

The Journey of Bill Gates that you have never known

In your lifetime you would have come across the term Microsoft at least once.  What is Microsoft actually? What do they do? Microsoft is a famous software company in the world. Everyone in this world counting children to adult from would have heard of the name Bill gates, bill gates are the richest man in The United States of America and currently, he is the world’s second richest man. Have

Top 10 Leadership Qualities - Do you have it in YOU?

Having knowledge and idea on certain things doesn’t mean that you could create a successful business venture, but having an efficient team along with you can help you build your dream empire. Creating a new idea is simple common but implementing those ideas successfully and standing apart from others will differentiate you from dreamers. In order to be a successful entrepreneur, you must possess certain qualities. Those qualities will never