How does website usability increase SEO ranking?

How does website usability increase SEO ranking?

Search Engine recognizes only if your website has high usability. Search Engine rewards website which is rich in keywords.  SEO ranking improves only when a user views more pages in your website, user staying time, and repeated usage of your website.  Here are the some of the tips to note to improve your SEO ranking through usability. Nowadays, SEO has an excellent scope on the market. By knowing this the demand for SEO Training in Chennai is increasing tremendously.

  1.     Relevant, high quality, useful content

When you give useful content to your visitors they will stay longer in your site to get more information. Thus it increases the dwell time, it is nothing but the amount of time spending on your website which affects SEO ranking. According to the recent survey, the content between 1000 to 1500 words will seem to boost SEO ranking. Even though word count is not the major consideration in SEO, no one will be ready to stay in your content unless it helps the visitors. Longer content with outbound links, relevant keywords stuffed in the content will make the people spend extra time on your website and thus increase dwell time. The other important reason is when your content is bookmarked by the user, it adds extra weight for SEO ranking.

  1.     Page loading Speed

Both Bing and Google algorithm affect your website ranking because if pages take some extra few seconds to load for every page it increases the bounce rate, decrease dwell time and could hurt users to use your website. There are different ways to increase the page speed that is done by decreasing the image size, reduce the plugins and minimize redirects. Also, increase your conversation rate by using good quality images. Always remember to save your image file name as a keyword and use alt tag, title, description and caption for the image.

  1.     Header tags

Nobody likes to read content which is in paragraph format so that header tags will help to intersect your content into the section which looks good to the users so that they like to spend time and may also get back for further information. It is easy to add header tags in WordPress.

  1.     Outbound links

It is advisable to add high authority links to your content to get more depth of knowledge about the concept. This method will not help you increase relevancy etc., where we are giving trust Signals to Google that may improve ranking. Also, excessive outbound links are not necessary.

  1.     Broken Links

Avoid broken links in your website. Broken links show you 404 errors when you click. Broken links are the sign of bad usability. Make use of many apps and tools available and check whether your website pages having any broken links.

The above tips are only a few strategies that are to be followed, and the remaining will be explained later by me. Those who want to improve your website ranking through SEO Training make use of it or SEO Course in Chennai is the best choice to know in-depth knowledge.

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