Android Update rolls out faster than IOS

Android Update rolls out faster than IOS

The Google Project Treble main objective is to bring the latest updates for releasing new features and enhanced security with Android O.

The major issue with Android platform is the hold up in the roll-out of the recent updates. In this year, even though the most recent developer appetizers rolled out earlier, the fundamental structure of Android needs the company to work with the professional Android team for creating the source code well-matched with their own Android devices. Ahead of that, some of the custom launchers like Xiaomi’s MIUI or Samsung Touchwiz need a long time for the creators to develop and implement them with the advanced Android software.  The main reason for those postponements in getting the most recent software on your mobile phone is about to be condensed in the forthcoming days with Google Project Treble.

Google aims to implement the latest version of Android updates to the end user without meets any delay.  Google Android Project Treble will make it simpler for Google to roll out the advanced android Updates to a Huawei mobile phone on EMUI and a Samsung phone on Touchwiz in the short period of releasing them on its pixel phones. Still, project treble is working with the Android to make it even faster, simpler and less costly for developers to update a device to the latest version of Android. If you want to know how to develop the Android application you can go for Android Training in Chennai.

For every new Android release comes with the development and implementation of a latest OEM-custom UI, so you must understand that the Android latest update rollout won’t be as much faster as iOS devices on Custom Android devices. The thing is every new release it takes some time to update on all mobile devices. One main problem with Google project Treble is its accessibility on the previous android ecosystem. This latest features will be implemented on devices with Android O and afar. The devices which would come with the pre-loaded Android O can get the benefits of Project Treble. In the next year all devices getting the Android O update. The Pixel phones and Android O is already having a bear for Project Treble. Don’t mine it has to be seen or not, The custom Android Manufacturers will execute this on their previous program of designed smartphones to get the update of Android O.

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