Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

In the last five years, Mobile app development industry has been changed in multiple ways and also we have seen the major growth in the field. With the several innovations in the mobile app process across the platform, developers need to compose code in various versions for many platforms with the use of a single language using reusable code.

Once you decide the mobile app idea, it is must to validate the process, choose the platform that you are going to build your application to reach the targeted customer. When you select a programming language, ensure that your business strategy to be in hybrid, cross-platform or native apps. Here are the Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development.

C – Objective

The foremost programming language for the iOS mobile app is C which was chosen by Apple to ensure the scalable and robust. Since C is a superset language, there are many features available to deal with I/O, display function, graphics. Also, it is integrated into MacOS and iOS frameworks. Nowadays, it is being slowly replaced in the Apple ecosystem by the language called Swift. This makes iOS Training in Chennai, the most demandable course by the person who is all interested in Mobile Application development using iOS.


HTML5 is the right programming language if you want to build a web-fronted app for your mobile. The only disadvantage with HTML5 is that it is not yet executed. At present, it is used in different ways by different browsers. From the cost-effective point of view, HTML 5 is cost-effective.


Swift programming language used in Apple Ecosystem, mainly it focused to write code for Apple APIs, Cocoa Touch, and Cocoa. Although Swift language is to work along with C, Cupertino organization has made it compulsory for iOS developers to change to Swift. In most of the iOS Training syllabus, Swift programming also has included.


This is the most primary language when you are developing a mobile app for android platform or windows. With the powerful features, C++ permits apps to build practically for every purpose on all platforms that are available. Android Training is the best option if you are interested to develop a Mobile App using C++ language.


When it comes to Android Mobile app development, Java language is the most preferred language by the developers. Java programming language runs in two different ways one in virtual machine or browser window.

Read the article thoroughly, choose the best Top Programming Languages for Mobile App Development and ensure whether it suits Android or iOS Platform.


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